Erhan Özkantarcı

I began my career as a copy writer in the years when digital marketing was recognized as a new medium. I was the 9th employee when I’ve entered SesliHarfler. When I was leaving 5 years later the agency had more then 50 employees and I was the managing director. I’ve witnessed the birth of social media communication and I experienced all the changes that have taken place until today. Believing in the power of content and that brands can exist with the authenticity of the content they create digitally I think that the future is where creative agencies and media agencies are acting in an integrated manner. At this point, I made a career decision and joined Publicis Groupe. I was the only employee when they’ve recruited me for Vivaki Creative. Managed the business just as a start-up and ended up having 20 employees at the end of 3 years. Growth with profit was my main strategy and is achieved all this time. Also I have seen the advantages of having spent the last five years of my career working side by side in the same office with the global media agencies like Starcom, Mediavest and Zenith. For the last year I have been also focusing on the restructuring of a global agency Saatchi & Saatchi Istanbul office. I've achieved the transformation of Saatchi & Saatchi and Vivaki Creative teams (total 30 employees) smoothly and I undertake all the financial and operational responsibilities of 2 agencies.

Currently i'm creating content for youtube and Instagram professionaly. I have 2 projects called BİLMEMEN AYIP and BİLMEMEN AYIP SİNEMA on those platforms. And also i have e-commerce business which is supporting those projects. www.bilmemenayip.com

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